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  • Kernel Comparison. Regular hull popcorn on the left and "hulless" popcorn on the right.

2-lb Bag of Red Gourmet Popping Corn

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Each 2lb (32oz) bag of gourmet popcorn has a natural "strawberry red" color - it is not dyed or colored in any way.

It is unusual also in that it pops up a lovely light, fluffy kernel of popcorn but retains its colorful red shell. This makes for a very interesting sight in the bowl! It has a creamy taste that is wonderful by itself but is also excellent with any of our shake-on flavors!

These gourmet kernels are smaller than "regular" popcorn kernels, so they pop MUCH faster. Hulless popcorn does have hulls, they are just much smaller and more tender, which means you're less likely to get those sharp hulls stuck in your teeth.


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