50-lb Bag of Bulk Mushroom CornClick To Enlarge

50-lb Bag of Bulk Mushroom Corn

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50-lb Bag of Bulk Mushroom Corn

50-lb Bag of Bulk Mushroom Corn

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Mushroom popcorn is perfect for use in confection. Unlike regular popcorn, mushroom popcorn is roughly spherical when popped, so there are fewer small pieces to break off as you put the popped popcorn through a coating process, like with cheese, chocolate or caramel popcorn.

Unlike most bulk mushroom popcorn sold on the market, our mushroom popcorn pops at an astonishing 92% ratio (92% of the popped kernels are mushroom). The corn pops tender and fluffy, unlike many other mushroom corns which produce an undesirably chewy consistency.

50 lbs

(Mushroom Popcorn image Copyright Bunchofgrapes. Used with permission per CC-BY-SA license.)

Product Reviews

Average rating is 4.7
By:  G. Ruocco
Sandgate Vermont
My order came quickly and was exactly as expected.

Thank you!
By:  Mary Anderson
Broken Arrow, Ok
We love it. Thanks for the prompt shipment as well. We will be ordering again. Pops so well with few old maids.

ePopcorn.com, Seattle, WA
close 50-lb Bag of Bulk Mushroom Corn
50-lb Bag of Bulk Mushroom Corn