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About Us

We're passionate about popcorn and popcorn products.  We've been selling and helping you purchase the best darn popcorn supplies for you for over 10 years. Epopcorn is a small little company tucked in the suburbs of Seattle.   Our love of popcorn is only dwarfed by our love of the local Thai restraunt.  When you call, you can always ask to talk to one of us. 

The team:


 Dave Stickland, COO -

After getting his MBA Dave spent several years working for a National Non-Profit before getting struck with the desire to work with a small, fast, exciting company like Epopcorn.  Dave believes cheese popcorn is better than all other popcorn flavors, loves his local sports teams, and has been listening to your favorite band forever.






Stephanie J., Customer Expert, Fulfillment, Popcorn Guru:  (Stephanie didn't want a photo here so we put our favorite cartoon interpretation of Stephanie here).  

Chances are you're going to talk to Stephanie and she's going to have the answers.  Her organizational skills are the envy of the office and really makes it a mission to get you your products on time.  We drop ship (all our products are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer) and Stephanie is on a first name basis with all the suppliers.  She will take thank you's and occassional payment in chocolate. Stephanie also writes our newsletter which goes out weekly. She enjoys rafting, paddle boarding, painting, glass blowing, and cake decorating. Her pets of choice are a bearded dragons and snakes.




Kevin P.  Customer Expert, Blogger, Warehouse Wizard

Kevin is the newest employee and also works with customers on the phones and helps pack products that go direct from our warehouse here in the Northwest.  Kevin is in charge of a number of tasks-  he’s writing the blog posts, designing banner ads and other content right here in-house, as well as fields your phone phone calls! Kevin is currently attending college and spends most of his time with his girlfriend. He enjoys cars, technology, music, photography and digital media, and home cooked meals.




Hurley, Labrador, Taster of Dropped Popcorn, Hater of Mail People

Hurley is Dave's dog that comes to work every day and hangs out with us.  You might even hear him say hello as he's telling a mailperson to get off our lawn.  He's got a sweet face but he drools a lot (luckily not on your popcorn).  Hurley prefers the Truffle Fromage Porcini Gourmet Popcorn but he'll take dog treats in a pinch.