Holiday Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn has been a part of holiday celebrations for about as long as anyone can remember. When I was just a little King of Popcorn, my siblings and I spent a great deal of time stringing kernels of popcorn together to decorate the tree. To this day, I still hang popcorn on my tree every year as tradition. Though, as my lovely wife pointed out last year, the tradition is probably not about the popcorn so much as the act of sitting down with my family and cooperating in a shared activity. And, once again, my beautiful wife is correct. The times I spent stringing popcorn with my family are also some of the most endearing memories I have of the holidays while growing up.

Though, to be completely honest, popcorn actually looks pretty strange woven into the branches of a tree. I mean, it is just a strange tradition. Is it supposed to look like snow, or something? Who came up with that? And, who has time for stringing all those little popcorn kernels together? Well, the smart money this year is purchasing tins of gourmet popcorn. With over 20 amazing, diverse, scrumptious flavors, our gourmet popcorn is just the thing to bring your whole family together. And, you can concentrate on actually eating the popcorn instead of worrying about sticking your finger with a needle. This year, spend your quality time with family enjoying the taste of high-quality, freshly-packed fancy flavors of popped corn this year! As we always say, popcorn is not about the popcorn. It's about who you are eating it with. Happy Holidays!

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