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Way back when I was in College (and long before I was the "King of Pop..corn"), I was a cook at the famous "Nacho Mama's" Mexican restaurant in Savannah, GA. While I was employed there, I learned how to make fresh nachos from scratch. And, when I say "fresh nachos from scratch", I mean it. We hand-flattened our own corn tortillas, fried them up to a crispy golden brown, and served them with whatever toppings our customers desired. It was a long process, fraught with literally hours of work including the mixing of ingredients, the pressing of the tortillas, drying, cutting, frying, and, finally, presenting the final product. Heck, cutting them into triangles was even dangerous. I almost lost my left thumb one time!

You might think all that preparation was really worth it. In hindsight .eh. not so much. Customers came in, ate up the nachos, and paid their bill. While we boasted the "best nachos in the Coastal Kingdom", nachos are, at their core, a pretty simple item. They are fried cornmeal. Even as a simple snack, people will eat their weight in nachos at the drop of a sombrero and, whether they are exhaustingly handmade or not, an empty plate is the ultimate result. So, the practical synopsis of this extensive examination of the nacho preparation process is: make nachos easy. Then, eat them. Then, have a second helping. Nachos are good food, and regardless of what exorbitant recipe or elaborate toppings you use, they remain good, wholesome food.

So, take a peek at the variety of pre-prepared toppings and warmers we offer. Take a peek at the bulk chips and big cans of cheese sauce. Take a peek at the inexpensive and convenient portion packs we offer, too. Then, start eating. Nachos are found everywhere these days. The ballpark, the movies, the corner convenience store, restaurants, coffee shops, concession stands, street vendors, and even fancy restaurants. What I'm saying, if you didn't figure it out yet, is: Get your nacho on! It's easy, inexpensive, and your customers will thank you! Gusto de los nachos bueno!

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