Starting a Popcorn Business

"So.. You Want to Start a Popcorn Business, Huh?"

Ah, if I only had a bad suit and a big cigar, I'd become a venture capitalist to back your new lucrative idea of starting a popcorn business. But where does one begin in the process of realizing the capitalist dream of sharing the magical bounty that is popcorn? This is a bigger question that requires a series of smaller considerations. So, let's begin there.

"What do I want to sell, exactly?"

Sadly, the answer is not as simple as just "Popcorn". You will need to decide if you want to sell caramel corn, kettle corn, cheesy corn, candied corn, or plain old movie-style popcorn (just to name a few). All types are made in different manners, and involve very different equipment. You will need to make sure that the equipment and supplies you are looking at will actually make what you want to sell. Producing a standard caramel corn, for example, requires a popper, a special type of mixer, a cooling tray, release spray, and a special caramel mix. This is just to begin. There are several steps to the process, and you will want to investigate the entire process of producing this type of specialty popcorn before starting to look at equipment. In other words, research before development.

"What other supplies do I need besides the ingredients and equipment?"

Retailing your product will involve a great deal of consideration. You need to consider the sizes, and type of container in which you will be putting your product to sell. If you are simply selling hot buttered popcorn, you may only want to use one or two different sized bags. If you are drizzling on buttery topping, a different style bag is needed to keep it from leaking. Caramel corn is often packaged in plastic containers, which are sold by the case. Kettle corn is most commonly bagged in long plastic bags. You can also serve popcorn from tubs, boxes, scoop boxes (you can scoop right from the machine with these boxes), and even decorative tins, if you are really fancy. You will also want to consider other items for your customers to garnish their popcorn with; like butter flavored salt, shake-on flavoring, or buttery topping.

"What kind of profit can I expect?"

While the actual profits from your budding business depend directly on you, it is pretty common knowledge that the profit margin on popcorn is enormous. For very generalized example, let's use standard buttered popcorn. The ingredients to produce a one ounce bag of popcorn cost roughly sixteen cents. The bag is about an extra four cents. That means, if you are selling a one ounce bag of popcorn for a dollar, you make a solid 80 cents profit off each bag. Other types of popcorn treats will configure differently, of course.. And, the startup costs for equipment and employee costs will take a chunk out of these numbers, but you can see that the profit margin is very, very high for popcorn products.

"Who can help me with this business idea?"

Initially, you will have to do all the original research to help establish your personal direction with your new business. However, once you decide on most of the details, and a more specific direction, you friends here at can certainly help you along your way. Give us a call!

Good luck!!!

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