All Hail the King of Pop...Corn

How Did Popcorn End Up At Movie Theaters?

While the presence of a popcorn machine at your local multiplex is now a given, it might surprise you to know that popcorn was once nowhere to be found at the movies. In fact, the inclusion of popcorn at the concession stand was an act of Depression era brainstorming to try and bring in inexpensive snacks for cash strapped consumers:

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Making Business Connections with a Popcorn Machine

A lot of the people who purchase popcorn machines are corporations. By having a popcorn machine in your company's offices, you will have an instant morale builder and a great alternative to socializing around the water cooler. Firing up the popcorn machine on a Friday afternoon will help bring your teams together in a way that is a whole lot cheaper than a full-scale pizza party.:

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Deck the Halls with Amazing Flavor!

This is the time of year when families and friends gather to share stories, gifts, and, most importantly, food! Make your guests happy this year with a variety of foods everyone can enjoy with very little work on your end. Who says the holidays have to be about slaving in the kitchen all day? There are many simple to prepare concession items which can have their recipes "altered" a bit to make them delectable holiday favorites! Here are a couple of good ideas:

Popcorn is good any time of the year, but when it's cold outside, people cozy up inside for movie marathons and even video game tournaments.

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Holiday Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn has been a part of holiday celebrations for about as long as anyone can remember. When I was just a little King of Popcorn, my siblings and I spent a great deal of time stringing kernels of popcorn together to decorate the tree. To this day, I still hang popcorn on my tree every year as tradition. Though, as my lovely wife pointed out last year, the tradition is probably not about the popcorn so much as the act of sitting down with my family and cooperating in a shared activity. And, once again, my beautiful wife is correct. The times I spent stringing popcorn with my family are also some of the most endearing memories I have of the holidays while growing up.

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Popcorn Balls: Amazing Legendary Confectioneries

The legend behind the invention of the popcorn ball is a pretty tall tale. In fact, it's right up there with Paul Bunyan's giant blue ox and Pecos Bill somehow having the ability to lasso a tornado. But, those stories are as American as the popcorn ball itself, so it only figures the origin of the popcorn ball should be as extraordinary.

References to popcorn balls appeared in writings as far back as the 1840's. However, the first published recipe is attributed to New York cookbook author E. F. Haskell in her "Housekeeper's Encyclopedia", first distributed in 1861. And, the recipe hasn't changed much since the popcorn ball's wild burst of popularity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. But, this facts are not nearly as intriguing as the fantastical tale of the first popcorn balls. Hold on to your hat.

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Nacho Regular Blog Entry

Way back when I was in College (and long before I was the "King of Pop..corn"), I was a cook at the famous "Nacho Mama's" Mexican restaurant in Savannah, GA. While I was employed there, I learned how to make fresh nachos from scratch. And, when I say "fresh nachos from scratch", I mean it. We hand-flattened our own corn tortillas, fried them up to a crispy golden brown, and served them with whatever toppings our customers desired. It was a long process, fraught with literally hours of work including the mixing of ingredients, the pressing of the tortillas, drying, cutting, frying, and, finally, presenting the final product. Heck, cutting them into triangles was even dangerous. I almost lost my left thumb one time!

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