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Autumn Harvest

Posted by Devin on

Hi folks,

Well, it's officially autumn!  Now some of you may be scratching your heads and saying, "Devin, it has been autumn for a while already."  I know, it technically has been autumn since September 23, but it just hasn't felt like it until now.  The days had been too warm, sunny, and long.  But now, it actually feels how autumn should feel.  It's overcast most of the time, the temperature is settling in between cool and cold, and the air is crisp and breezy.  

Before the second half of the 20th century, a majority of folks were still living on farms and growing most of the food that they ate.  Autumn was a transitional time of year, where the harvest would be dried, canned, cured, or otherwise preserved and stored for the upcoming winter.  This season was marked with the last fresh feasts of the year.  Families, neighbors and friends joined together to help with the harvest and were rewarded with a meal centered around the community and the seasonal bounty.  This was also the time of year when the first of the recently harvested popcorn was ready to be enjoyed.

Even today, this is a time marked by celebration with family, friends and neighbors.  I am of course talking about Thanksgiving.  And although most of us have traded the farm life for the city life, I'm certain that we all still very much look forward to a day of family, feasting, and that inevitable Thanksgiving nap, just as our grandparents did.

This Thanksgiving, I want to encourage everyone to enjoy your time with loved ones, go back for seconds, and try to laugh at your weird uncle's bad jokes.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving,

Devin and the team