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Halloween Treat Ideas

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Trick or Treat everyone, Devin here,

Halloween is just around the corner so that means it's time to put up those ghoulish decorations, finalize your costume plans and stock up on treats for all the trick-or-treaters!  This year, instead of giving out handfuls of candy, opt instead for a healthier option with Halloween-themed treats using Franklin's 8 or 12oz. portion packs! 

I've put together a selection of some of my favorite recipes for Halloween this year.  Personally, I like the Halloween Popcorn Hands because they're simple to make, fun and they feature my favorite treat, candy corn!

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Peanut Butter Monster Munch

This one lends itself more to sharing among friends, but you could also portion it into bags and hand it out to trick-or-treaters. Just make sure you save some for yourself, this one looks delicious! Full recipe is here courtesy of Cassie at

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Halloween Popcorn Hands

This recipe is great because it's quick to make, tasty and makes a great impression on folks.  Use this one as a trick, treat or decor for your Halloween party!  The entire recipe can be found  here courtesy of Colleen Bierstine at

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Halloween Popcorn Pumpkins

This is one of the more unique popcorn recipes that I've seen and it's actually much easier to make than you'd expect.  Popcorn, licorice, candy corn..does it get any better than this?  Full recipe is  here courtesy of ALETA1314 and

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