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Making Shake On Seasonings Stay on Popcorn

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Often times when we shake on seasonings to popcorn most of the seasoning ends up at the bottom of your bowl. The main reason this happens is the very same reason a lot of us like popcorn: crisp and crunchy isn't the same as wet and sticky. So we set out to test a way to have the best of both worlds, crunchy and flavorful in every bite and used our cellphone camera's to document the evidence.

Our Experiment:

 In the picture attached you can see that we popped up some Franklin's popcorn and then shook on some cheddar cheese flavorings.  We used the same amount of flavor and roughly the same amount of popcorn for the test. 

However, the plate on the RIGHT side has been sprayed with a little bit of coconut oil from a spray mister bottle.  We looked into the amount and its less than 1/4 teaspoon and just touches the corn.  We sprayed the corn, gave it a small shake and then sprayed again to try to get the most corn.  The plate on the left we did not spray.  Both plates contain freshly popped popcorn.

The results:

As you can tell, what a difference the spray makes.  We removed the kernels to see what pooled at the bottom of the plate and clearly you're getting more flavor using a little bit of sprayed on oil than just shaking the flavoring on.

It works! Here's How:

So its clear that a little oil mist/spray can do wonders for getting the most out of your popcorn seasoning and enjoy every bite with maximum flavor.  We recommend using a coconut oil based spray that's been blended with a little canola oil.  The oil will stay loose, have no flavor, but gives the texture of a popcorn a slight richness.  We found olive oil's taste was too pronounced to use and that many of the other oils might have been a little too pricey for this kind of use.  

Other quick tips we learned in this experiment

  • We tried shaking on the flavor in our popcorn machine with no added spray RIGHT after cooking and it still fell to the bottom due mostly to heat.
  • Putting shake on seasoning IN a kettle will burn your popcorn.
  • For a real gourmet touch without any shake on seasoning, a flavored oil in a oil sprayer or mister provides a subtle flavor.  For that application we recommend a lemon, truffle, or garlic infused oil.  We found those to be the most delicious.
  • This also works great on microwave popcorn.