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Gourmet Popcorn Flavors

Here's what sets gourmet popcorn apart from the competition:

Freshness! Our popcorn is popped hourly in small batches to ensure optimal taste.

Variety! Over 20 different gourmet popcorn flavors, with the ability to create your own unique mix.

Premium Ingredients! We use premium Iowa popping corn that's air-popped the old-fashioned way in kettles. We use strictly top-quality ingredients including real butter, real cheese, imported chocolate, premium roasted nuts, natural fruit extracts, sea salt, and fine liqueurs. Just one bite and you'll taste the difference!



Updated monthly. These will be listed on each individual tins page with the pictures. The descriptions are listed with each picture.

December has two flavors: Gingerbread Cookie and Eggnog Brandy

brownbutterhr-1024x1024.jpg Brown Butter & Sea Salt

Our gourmet twist on this classic popcorn flavor is the result of browning the butter with the popcorn as it cooks, to infuse the rich flavor throughout the entire piece. You'll never be satisfied with movie or microwave popcorn again!
caramelhr-1024x1024.jpg Classic Caramel Corn

The popcorn is folded with real butter and brown sugar using a signature old-time traditional recipe. Our popcorn is made with care in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.
cheddarhr-1024x1024.jpg Cheddar Cheese

Rich, tangy real cheddar cheese and real butter folded into this special blend of popcorn is rich and delicious. Have a napkin ready for your orange fingers!
chicagohr-1024x1024-1-.jpg Chicago Style Mix (Caramel and Cheese)

Everyone's favorite blend of sweet and savory is a snack you won't be able to put down. The flavor combination is highly addictive. If you've never tried this combination, you don't know what you're missing.

 Coconut Oil and Natural Yeast

It's vegan, gluten free, soy free, and quite possibly the healthiest popcorn flavor available. This delicate popcorn is flavored with organic coconut oil, natural yeast, and Bolivian Rose Sea Salt.

whitecheddarhr-1024x1024.jpg White Cheddar

Smooth and mellow white cheddar and real butter folded into this special blend of popcorn is delicious and rewarding.
kettlehr-1024x1024.jpg Kettle Corn

Lightly sweet with a dash of salt, this heavenly concoction elevates basic Kettle Corn to a gourmet delight and creates this fat-free, light and crisp delicious treat.
jalapenohr-1024x1024.jpg Jalapeno Cheddar

A spicy combination using rich, tangy real cheddar cheese and fresh jalapeno to kick it up a few notches.
vinegarhr-1024x1024.jpg Vinegar and Sea Salt

Malt Vinegar & Mediterranean Sea Salt mingle to create this tangy and addictive flavor!
fancynuthr-1024x1024.jpg Fancy Nut Caramel (Pecans, Almonds, Cashews)

Where three is definitely not a crowd; an old fashioned caramel corn mixed with fancy roasted cashews, almonds, and pecans. This one is definitely for the nut connoisseur.
tuxedohr-1024x1024.jpg Tuxedo (Chocolate and White Chocolate)

Take a bow for this elegant duet of chocolate and white chocolate lovingly latticed onto fresh scratch Caramel Corn. Artfully weaved premium Guittard chocolate and smooth creamy white chocolate, with a hint of soft aromatic vanilla, over the classic Caramel Corn.
darkkettlehr-1024x1024.jpg Dark Chocolate Kettle Korn

A magical concoction of classic sweet, buttery Caramel Corn generously latticed with super-premium rich dark chocolate, with a very high cacao content. Carefully balanced sweet and bitter Dark Chocolate Kettle Corn will dazzle tired taste buds and satisfy those chocolate cravings!
hawaiianhr-1024x1024.jpg Hawaiian Salted Caramel

This beautiful maroon sea salt is folded into our scratch made caramel. In a word - Addictive!!
smoreshr-1024x1024.jpg S'mores

A deliciously smooth combination of flavors. Old fashioned Caramel Corn blended with graham cracker chunks and marshmallows, then drenched in premium Guittard chocolate. Just need a campfire!
coconuthr-1024x1024.jpg Coconut Macaroon

Start off with delectable Caramel Corn infused with rich almond extract, then mix fresh sweet coconut with fine rich dark chocolate and top it off with toasted coconut. Beautiful as it is delicious!
seattle-style-1024x1024.jpg Espresso Caramel (Seattle Style)

Inspired by its city of origin, Seattle, WA, this popcorn has the perfect blend of coffee and caramel. It’s the perfect snack to help you make it through your day! The coffee is ground in Seattle, the caramel is light and soft, what more could you want? How about gluten-free, contains caffeine and air popped?!
maplehr-1024x1024.jpg Maple Bacon

We took the two things you love most about breakfast and combined them into a sensational snack. Sweet maple and smokey bacon will keep you reaching for more all day long. Bacon isn't just for breakfast anymore!
trufflehr-1024x1024.jpg Truffle Fromage Porcini

Wild Porcini mushrooms and our smooth delicate cheese are folded into our fluffy gourmet popcorn and finished with Black Truffle and Sea Salt for an earthy, full-bodied taste.