Hot Air & Microwave Popcorn Poppers

Hot air and low-oil poppers give you a healthier alternative to traditional kettle-popped popcorn. These easy-to-use machines are a fantastic choice when incorporating shake-on seasonings to your popcorn recipes!

Countertop Hot Air Popper
Countertop Hot Air Popper

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Hot Air Popcorn Maker
Popcorn is truly the snack to beat all snacks. Itís tasty, high in fiber, and you can season it with everything from butter and salt to chocolate and caramel. These days, most of us satisfy our popcorn cravings by just nuking a bag of store-bought popcorn in the microwave. However, microwave popcorn has its downsides. For example, itís high in calories and relatively pricey. In addition, until recently, microwave popcorn was manufactured with a chemical called diacetyl, which developed a disease called ďpopcorn lungĒ to consumers and manufacturers both.

Concerning consumers safety, many have been on the search for a healthier way to continue enjoying this treat. Recently, hot air popcorn machines have been purchased by health-conscious popcorn fans, because their products donít require the use of calorie loaded oil. Instead, an air popcorn popper uses a heating element and a fan. Hot air is blown over the kernels to heat them to their expansion point, while the air keeps the kernels in motion to prevent scorching.

The only complaint hot air popcorn machines have is that they produce less flavorful popcorn than corn thatís popped with the use of oil and / or a microwave. Fortunately, consumers can enjoy the healthy benefits of using their air popcorn poppers, and afterwards, jazz up their tasty snack by sprinkling on salt, cheese, chocolate or minced herbs.

At ePopcorn, we have various hot air popcorn machines that can fit your every-day home or business needs. The Hollywood Hot Air Popper is a convenient size, and pops up to 3 oz. of fresh popcorn per batch. Itís convenient size and easy-to-clean system makes the air popcorn popper perfect for the dorm, small groups and break room! Our Countertop Hot Air Popper and Retro Hot Air Popcorn Machines are plastic replicas of the old-fashioned street-corner popcorn stand of the early 1900ís. Enjoy your healthy treat, with a perfectly functioning air popcorn popper thatís sure to be blast from the past!

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Hot Air & Microwave Popcorn Poppers