Hulless Popcorn 101

My Grandfather didn't eat popcorn. The reason for this was that he absolutely hated the kernel hulls getting caught in his teeth. Or under them. Yep, Grandpa had false teeth. He said it was darn near impossible to get the hulls out of those fake ivories. A few years ago, he came to visit me, and we attended a baseball game. I surprised him with a bag of "hulless" popcorn. While he watched the Seattle Mariners get thoroughly trounced by the Red Sox, he was smiling and laughing - even though the Mariners were "his team". He said he was just happy to sit in the sun and be eating popcorn at a baseball game. He said it had been over 40 years since he had been able to do that.

Hulless popcorn. What an amazing thing! Though, surprisingly, the name is a misnomer. Hulless popcorn is not actually hulless. Yeah, I know that it seems like a marketing gimmick, but it is sort of true. With standard popcorn kernels, the hull is actually split into several pieces when the kernel pops. Some of these shards float around in the popcorn, others stick to the end or inside of the popped kernel. With hulless popcorn, the hulls on the outside of the kernel are so thin, that when the popcorn pops, the thin hulls explode into pieces so small that they are relatively unnoticeable by most popcorn enthusiasts.

So, yes, technically, the hulless popcorn has hulls. You just don't notice them. What you will notice is the smaller "flake" (the popped kernel) size, and a flavor that is rich and a little nutty! We sell two types of hulless popcorn at The Pearl White Popping Corn and the Lady Finger Hulless Popping Corn varieties are extremely popular, and for good reason! Who wants to spend their time digging around their mouth with a toothpick, anyway? Take my advice. If you love popcorn, but hate the hulls, try some of the "it-ends-up-pretty-much-hulless-once-it-pops" popcorn. Nope, that name just doesn't have the same ring to it.

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