Specialty Popcorn & Specialty Popcorn Machines

No matter how much you love the taste of rich buttery popcorn there is always room for improvement. This is not to say the popular snacking treat of natural air popped popcorn will go out of style but as more recipes come along that mix traditional popcorn with spicy seasonings, sharp cheeses and a variety of caramel, chocolate and coconut the demand for specialty popcorn flavors will only increase.

At E-Popcorn we know how serious popcorn lovers are about their preferred snack and that’s why we not only carry a huge selection of gourmet popcorn flavors but also cheese and caramel specialty popcorn machines so you can create your very own popcorn flavored blends.

Flavored popcorn is nothing new but the popularity of exotic and spicy flavors has only increased in recent years. From butter and sea salt to black raspberry liqueur with vanilla crème the roster of gourmet popcorn flavors spans a tasty selection of sweet and salty flavors that will be a hit at parties, offices, family movie nights and any other place delicious snacks are welcome.

Of course the only thing better than finding your favorite flavored popcorn blend is creating your own and with our high quality specialty popcorn makers it’s easy and fun to make specialty popcorn flavors including caramel, cheese and kettle corn blends. Great for a concession stand business, bar, restaurant or theatre our specialty popcorn makers will have clients lined up to get a taste of the delicious gourmet flavor aromas filling the air.

Within our specialty popcorn category you’ll find all the supplies you need to get your gourmet popcorn popping. From cheese popcorn mixers and tumbler coaters to stocks of bulk corn and cheese we can get you started off right with everything you’ll need to start popping you very own delicious cheese blends. For the sweet lover we also have caramel corn popcorn machines and supplies including caramel corn release sprays and one-step caramel corn mixes that will make popping specialty popcorn even easier.

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