International Shipping

We have served customers in Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, and Africa. If you wish to ship outside North America, please call or email us in advance to see if we are currently shipping to your country.

Canadian orders: You may place your order directly on our website. We will however, contact you for additional payment. Supplies incur a $20 dollar fee, Popcorn Machines 8 oz or smaller $100, and all other machines $200. You will be contacted after your order to pay your extra charges. Please be aware we do not collect taxes on Canadian orders, but Canadian customs will charge you taxes and duties (brokerage) when the shipment crosses the border. Also, not every item on our site ships to Canada. Please contact us if you have questions regarding which items ship to Canada.

All other countries: If you would like to inquire about ordering machines and shipping to your country, please fill out and submit the form below. Also, please be aware your country may charge you taxes and duties after the product has been shipped to you. If you need your machine converted to 220 Volts**, there is an additional $100 charge for this upgrade. Additionally, you will need to communicate with us directly to place your order.

Below are the average shipping rates for popcorn machines shipping outside the contiguous United States and Canada. If you would like a direct quote for shipment to your area, please submit a shipping cost request using the form below.

Popcorn Machine Size Average Machine International Shipping Cost (USD) Average Machine w/cart International Shipping Cost (USD)
4oz & 6oz $400 - $600 $600 - $800
8oz $500 - $700 $700 - $900

PLEASE NOTE: Due to frequent customs complications, we can only send edible products (popcorn, sugar floss, snow cone syrup, etc.) to the United States (excluding Puerto Rico and other territories) and Canada. (Please note: only certain edible items to Canada.)

**Not all of our machines can be converted to export voltage. Please check the individual item page to ascertain whether the machine you are interested can be converted, or call us directly.

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